3663’s green light to cut waste

WHOLESALER 3663 Foodservice claims to have dramatically improved the standard of quality assurance at its Swithenbank Food centres, thanks to a specialist software programme.

3663 has been using the Greenlight Quality Control programme from software provider Muddy Boots for the last year, which allows the company to electronically record the receipt of goods into the Swithenbank centres and then grade the products according to their quality. If any issues with the product are identified a message is sent directly to the supplier, allowing them to arrange to collect or replace the stock.
Subsequently 3663 claims to have cut its intake rejection rate at these centres by half.
“The Greenlight Quality Control software was implemented to manage the quality and consistency of our fresh produce, reduce waste and establish a unified understanding of our QC standards amongst all our suppliers,” said 3663 QA executive Hilary Owen.