Ski lift boosts VAT case

THE forthcoming VAT cut on Scottish ski lift passes, announced at the Budget in March, could pave the way for a lower rate of VAT for the hospitality industry.

The hope was expressed by the man spearheading the campaign for VAT to be cut to 5% for bars, hotels and restaurants in the UK.
Jacques Borel, who led the successful campaign that lowered VAT for hotels and restaurants in France, said introducing a 5% VAT rate for Britain’s hospitality trade would help it compete with Europe.
“We believe the government could create as many as 320,000 jobs by cutting VAT from 20 per cent to five per cent on food, drink and accommodation in the UK,” he said.
“I’m sure a VAT cut on ski lift passes will attract more visitors to the Scottish snowfields, but a wider VAT cut within the sector would be a vastly more potent stimulus for the economy.”
VAT on Scottish ski lift passes will be cut to 5% next year.