Bulmers blends the old with the new


A NEW limited edition Bulmers cider has been launched to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary.

Replacing previous limited edition variant Crisp Blend, Bulmers Vintage Reserve is a 5.5% ABV cider made from UK bittersweet apples; it’s described as a modern cider which tastes “slightly more traditional” in style than Bulmers Original. The new Vintage Reserve variant joins Original, Pear and No 17 in the ‘core’ Bulmers range and will be available in the on and off-trades for the next year.
Gareth Turner, senior brand manager for Bulmers and Jacques at Heineken UK, told SLTN innovation is vital to the success of the category.
“Half of cider drinkers are new to the category in the last five years; they’ve only known flavoured cider over ice, so we need to continue to innovate,” he said.
Bulmers Vintage Reserve is available in 568ml (pint) bottles in the on-trade.