Cutting consumption is key for pubs

PUBLICANS should focus on reducing their energy consumption before changing their supplier, energy specialists told SLTN last week.

Seeking out a new gas, water or electricity supplier to reduce bills might seem like a no-brainer, but trade bodies have advised publicans to focus on their own energy consumption first and foremost.
“While changing energy supplier is an option open to operators and may result in some savings, the most effective and universal way of reducing energy bills is to reduce the amount of energy used,” said Paul Wedgwood, manager of Carbon Trust Scotland.
And Wedgwood said that, contrary to popular belief, increasing energy efficiency does not always necessitate a large initial investment from the operator.
“While investing in new equipment can be a necessary expense where old equipment is not fulfilling its role, it is not the only action operators can take to be more energy efficient,” he commented.
“For example, checking fridges are set at the most efficient temperatures for contents, being able to adjust the temperatures by a degree or so, as long as it doesn’t impact on the quality of the product, can help significantly with costs savings.
“Likewise, minimal investment in low energy light bulbs and inexpensive lighting/heating timers can help reduce unnecessary use of energy.”
Eco-monitor, the energy efficiency solutions provider, also advises companies to tackle their energy consumption before looking elsewhere.
One of the services the company provides to its clients is the use of a ‘smart meter’, which keeps track of a business’s energy and water usage.
“In our experience, many businesses are still viewing the best strategy to reduce energy costs is by obtaining a better energy deal from another supplier and are turning to energy ‘switching’ companies to find better deals on energy,” said the firm’s Brian O’Hagan.
“Whilst it is always prudent to ensure that you have the best energy deal, the other main focus should be on investigating ways that you can cut your consumption and to ensure that you measure this reduction in consumption consistently and accurately.”