Raise a cup of Jubilee & Tea for Her Maj


SCOTTISH gin Caorunn has joined forces with Aberdeen-based cocktail consultancy 10 Dollar Shake to launch a Jubilee-inspired cocktail.

Designed to commemorate the Queen’s 60-year reign, the Jubilee & Tea features ingredients and flavours from around the Commonwealth, combining Caorunn Scottish gin with English tonic water (with Indian botanicals), Kenyan tea and kumquats from Hong Kong.
Adrian Gomes, head bartender at 10 Dollar Shake, said the cocktail was designed with summer Jubilee celebrations in mind.
“Gin and tonic is a quintessential British drink and, by incorporating natural ingredients from the Commonwealth, we’ve managed to provide a twist that stays true to the original,” he said.
“Indian tonic water by an innovative new British brand (Fentimans), Kenyan tea, kumquats from Hong Kong …even the beet sugar that makes up the syrup is British!”
Ibolya Bakos, brand manager for Caorunn, which is part of Inver House Distillers’ portfolio, described the cocktail as “innovative”.
“Caorunn’s unique infusion of Celtic botanicals means it is perfectly placed to add a flavour of Scotland to the mix of Commonwealth countries that the drink reflects,” said Ibolya.
“10 Dollar Shake has done a brilliant job at creating the regal drink and I hope it inspires everyone to celebrate the occasion.”
To make the Jubilee & Tea stir 35ml of Caorunn and 15ml of Kenyan tea syrup over ice; strain into a tea cup and top with Fentimans Indian tonic water; garnish with fresh kumquats.