Vanilla vodka keeps it simple


FLAVOURED vodka Vanilla Smirnoff is the focus of a new marketing drive.

Outdoor ads promoting the Vanilla Smirnoff with cola ‘simple serve’ are running across the UK as part of the £1 million campaign.
The Smirnoff flavour was launched in September 2011, joining the Lime, Green Apple and Blueberry variants already in the range.
Joanna Andrews, brand manager for Smirnoff Flavours at Diageo GB, said the new activity aims to “encourage further awareness of the new flavour as well as educating consumers on how to drink flavoured vodka”.
“Our Smirnoff Flavours range continues to attract new category shoppers to vodka and encourages those who already purchase vodka to diversify their repertoire,” she said.
“Vanilla Smirnoff’s performance in particular has exceeded our expectations with awareness levels as high as those of Blueberry Smirnoff.
“We continue to invest behind innovation because we want to maintain the interest around the different flavours and ensure consumers are aware of the great tasting and simple ways to enjoy flavoured vodka.”