Cooking efficiency


FRIMA is launching the new VarioCooking Center Multificiency on Stand N1115 at Hotelympia 2012.

This high-tech piece of cooking equipment combines all the functions of a fryer, griddle, bratt pan, kettle, titling pans and pressure cooker in one unit. Not only that but it’s three times as fast, and uses 40% less energy than conventional cooking appliances.
The new Multificiency VarioCooking Control touch pad gives chefs more choices and more command over the cooking processes. Built-in intelligent cooking technology eliminates time-consuming routine chores such as constant checking, stirring and temperature adjustments.
To enhance cooking efficiency further, FRIMA has developed a new patented FrimaTherm base for its two larger units. FrimaTherm consists of three inseparable, scratch resistant steel layers. The different layers help maximise temperature transfer and give greater ability to withstand thermal stress. 0208 996 5102