Boiling hot


Marco’s extensive range of Ecoboilers now comprises models that sit on the countertop in traditional fashion or ones that fit neatly under it with just a font visible on top to dispense the water.

Either way, these atmospheric water boilers are the most efficient, energy saving boilers available on the market today.
Marco Beverage Systems, a leading European manufacturer of water boilers and filter coffee makers, first introduced the Ecoboiler range four years ago and has been updating it and adding new models ever since.
The range now consists of 17 different models, with the further option of bespoke sizes for volume orders.
With the same green credentials comes Marco’s variable temperature Ecosmart boiler. This offers the operator adjustable water temperatures from 70°C to 95°C.
Finally, the latest Ecoboiler to be launched is the Undercounter range, comprising seven different models with capacities from f
our to 75 litres. Depending on the capacity, a single undercounter boiler may be fitted with up to three fonts. 01933 666488