Crabbie’s bigs up the bard


COCKTAILS and Burns Night might not be a traditional pairing, but it’s a partnership the firm behind Crabbie’s ginger wine aims to highlight this year.

Halewood International has lined up a raft of activity linking the Crabbie’s brand, which was founded by John Crabbie in Leith in 1801 and now includes a ginger beer, with the bard’s birthday on January 25.
The ginger wine is being promoted as part of a Whisky Mac cocktail – a combination of Scotch whisky and ginger wine.
Crabbie’s ginger wine will also ‘host’ Burns Night events in cities across the UK, including Edinburgh, and has produced a series of articles to educate consumers on Burns Night etiquette.
Al Cross, marketing controller for Crabbie’s ginger wine, said Burns Night is an opportunity to reinforce the links between the Crabbie’s brand and Scotland.
“January and the Burns Night celebration is one of a plethora of special opportunities that allows us to interact with our consumers and capture our rich 200 year old heritage,” said Al.
“Burns Night gives the brand a credible point of the year to promote Crabbie’s ginger wine as the perfect accompaniment to the original Whisky Mac.
“The consumer demand for Crabbie’s green ginger wine is now exceeding all expectations. New and existing consumers delight in discovering brands from the Crabbie’s portfolio so this is testament to the continued success of the brand.”