SNP win gives SLTA hope on pricing

THE SNP’s emphatic win in last week’s Holyrood election has the potential to be “massive” news for the Scottish trade

SLTA chief executive Paul Waterson said the result was a major boost to the campaign to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol in Scotland.
The SNP saw its previous attempt to bring in minimum pricing defeated over a lack of votes in the last parliamentary term. But, with the Nationalists now holding a clear majority with 69 seats at Holyrood, they’d face no such obstacle should the policy be put to a full vote in the chamber again. It changes everything,” Waterson told SLTN.
“For us, this means minimum pricing and the opportunity to highlight the plight of pubs. It’s massive. With an outright majority, they no longer need the support of other parties, so it’s a massive change. I don’t think anyone would have predicted this.”
The SNP said in its election manifesto that minimum pricing would be a priority if it was re-elected.