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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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gin & tonic

Could gin become the biggest-selling spirit?

It’s been predicted for some time, but this is the year it finally happened: gin is now worth more in the Scottish on-trade than whisky.
barman pouring cocktail

Vodka: the most valuable spirit

Vodka has long been the on-trade’s biggest spirit, and although the category has fallen in value over the past year it remains the most valuable spirit in Scotland’s pubs and bars

Lager still the pub linchpin

Lager's status as the linchpin of the Scottish on-trade lives on, with new figures from CGA showing it accounts for a third of the alcohol sold in the Scottish on-trade .
Pint of ale

A category just beyond the pale

Heineken must have been working hard to promote John Smith’s over the past year as CGA’s data reports that the brand is now the second-biggest ale in the Scottish on-trade .

Enjoy the fruits of their labour

It's been a good year for cider sales in the Scottish on-trade, with the category’s value having risen by almost £3 million to £145m .
pint of stout

A stout performance

Not surprisingly, Guinness has retained its position as the biggest-selling stout in Scotland’s bars and pubs, with Belhaven Black retaining second place .