Captain Morgan

Steady year for rum sector

Long tipped to be the next spirit to enjoy a gin-style boom, the ‘rum revival’ stalled somewhat this year as sales of golden/dark rum and white rum dipped slightly, by 2% and 5% respectively.

Strong sales for Scotch

Fans of peated malts will be pleased to see the success of Laphroaig in this year’s Top Brands feature.
Pint of ale

A category just beyond the pale

Heineken must have been working hard to promote John Smith’s over the past year as CGA’s data reports that the brand is now the second-biggest ale in the Scottish on-trade .
Pouring beer into glass

Beer brands add fizz to the Top Brands list

Beer is the big story of this year’s High Flyers list, with seven of the ten entries being either lager or ale brands.
barman pouring cocktail

Vodka: the most valuable spirit

Vodka has long been the on-trade’s biggest spirit, and although the category has fallen in value over the past year it remains the most valuable spirit in Scotland’s pubs and bars
tequila shots with lime and salt

Sun rises on spirit

The drink of the blue agave’s growing popularity in the on-trade is evidenced in this year’s CGA listings with sales of tequila soaring by over 35% to £17.6 million.
Top brands 2018

Top Brands 2019

The ongoing gin boom is just one of the big changes in this year’s list .
ready to drinks RTD

Sales dip for RTDs

RTDs (ready to drinks) may have seen a sales dip of 18% in the past year, according to CGA’s data, but the category is still worth £22.1 million in the Scottish on-trade.
whiskey pour into glass

US does it again

Whiskey from overseas remains a lucrative business in the land of Scotch with a value of £43.8 million in the nation’s bars, according to this year’s CGA data.

Zero risk with low and no

While total value sales of £3.37 million may not suggest a behemoth for bars, sales of low and no-alcohol beers have in fact ballooned by 27% in the past 12 months.