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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Liqueurs and RTDs: Specialities stay strong

Liqueurs' versatility key to success

Static sales for tequila

Sales in the past year were fairly static, dipping by £144,000 to a value of £12.9 million.

Vodka: Still the most popular spirit in the Scottish trade

VODKA sales dipped a little in the course of the past year, but it remains easily the biggest spirits category in the Scottish on-trade

Rum: Darker journey continues

CONSUMERS have continued journeying to the dark side of rum, which is reflected in the latest CGA statistics for the category.
Top brands 2018

Top Brands 2018: The big names are still the top brands

Despite the craft revolution, the biggest players retain their top spots

Imported whiskey: From foreign shores to pubs’ doors

IT’S a case of ‘as you were’ at the top of the imported whiskey table, with all five brands retaining their positions from last year.

Scotch: Is this the last year whisky beats gin?

Scotch is, and will likely remain, one of the most important spirits categories in the Scottish on-trade.

Gin: Growing category is spirit of the moment

GIN continues to go from strength to strength in Scotland’s pubs and bars, with value sales rising from £77.6 million in 2017 to £97.3m this year.

Low & no-alcohol beer: A sensible year for sales

Low and no-alcohol variants continue to add fans in the trade

Wine: Bubbling up beneath the surface

The category’s total value sales of £420.6m show that wine is still a huge force to be reckoned with for operators.