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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Vodka: Still the most popular spirit in the Scottish trade

VODKA sales dipped a little in the course of the past year, but it remains easily the biggest spirits category in the Scottish on-trade

Scotch: Is this the last year whisky beats gin?

Scotch is, and will likely remain, one of the most important spirits categories in the Scottish on-trade.

Gin: Growing category is spirit of the moment

GIN continues to go from strength to strength in Scotland’s pubs and bars, with value sales rising from £77.6 million in 2017 to £97.3m this year.

Liqueurs and RTDs: Specialities stay strong

Liqueurs' versatility key to success

High flyers: The brands taking off in the on-trade

Movers and shakers making strides in Scotland’s pubs

Static sales for tequila

Sales in the past year were fairly static, dipping by £144,000 to a value of £12.9 million.

Rum: Darker journey continues

CONSUMERS have continued journeying to the dark side of rum, which is reflected in the latest CGA statistics for the category.

Lager, ale & stout: Lager is still trade king

DESPITE a slight dip in overall sales, lager remains king of the on-trade – accounting for 29.6% of sales in Scotland’s pubs and bars.

Imported whiskey: From foreign shores to pubs’ doors

IT’S a case of ‘as you were’ at the top of the imported whiskey table, with all five brands retaining their positions from last year.

Cider sales branch out

CIDER continues to move from strength to strength, with sales in the Scottish on-trade up £2.5 million to a total of £142m