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Take the heat off

Advances in commercial kitchen tech are helping to make chefs’ lives easier

Ignore the present and risk the future

Operators who don’t move with the times could alienate their customers

Tap into apps to boost sales

Mobile applications can help facilitate online ordering and payment

Payment options: don’t phone it in

As pub customers want greater choice in how they pay, cash is no longer king

Managing expectations

Online booking systems can help licensees tap into trends as well as bigger sales.

Trade must stay in touch with trends

Popularity of contactless payment looks set to keep on growing, firms say

The future is now for the on-trade

Latest technological developments can set your venue apart from the competition, say firms.

New season’s greetings

Club football is back with pubs showing it set to benefit.

Sound out the right policy

Myriad music options brings increased legal complexity, writes James Luck of Soundjack.

Pub quiz roll-out is music to firm’s ears

TECHNOLOGY firm Startle is set to roll out BBC Radio 2’s PopMaster music quiz to pubs after signing an agreement with the broadcaster.