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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Penny drops in hospitality

Neil Forbes, chef director at Café St Honoré in Edinburgh, answers questions on sustainability in the hospitality sector

A movement that can’t be ignored

In the drinks industry, the need to become more environmentally-friendly has led to a number of major investments and initiatives in recent years as producers look to reduce their carbon footprint
Beinn an Tuirc distillery exterior

Sustainable roots are yielding fruit

Whether a founding principle of a relatively new business or a growing focus for a more established player, sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for Scotland’s drinks industry
green gas cooker flame

The importance of being green

Lessening a bar’s impact on the environment can cut costs
Martin Doogan Tennent's

Sustainable plans down to a T

A promise to end its use of single-use plastics by 2021 and make its Glasgow brewery carbon neutral by 2025 are contained in new plans from Tennent’s designed to help tackle the climate emergency.

Organic plan for whisky

A whisky distillery with a focus on producing organic Scotch sustainably is giving malt lovers the chance to own one of its first barrels .

Waste not

Heineken is aiming to help licensees shout about their green credentials with a new marketing initiative that celebrates the waste reduction achieved by its SmartDispense system .

It’s that easy to be green in kitchens

A focus on sustainability doesn’t have to hurt when sizeable savings can be made, say firms .