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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


News articles related to training in the licensed trade

PLHs: have you renewed?

Time is running out to renew your personal licence, trainers warn .

A dram of education

Whisky enthusiasts keen to further their knowledge of the category can now undertake a Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky via the Edinburgh Whisky Academy .

Skills for success

Quality customer service must be at the core of an operator’s business .

Training in the trade

Knowledge is power

Service has to go the extra mile

Customers expect higher standards than ever before from hospitality visits
Male and female chef

Investing in your business

Licensing lawyers and training firms have stressed the importance of investing in employee training, which they say brings a plethora of benefits to business

There’s no time like the present

PLHs due to renew their licence must act now on refresher training, lawyers and training firms say
Ash Denham

Don’t leave licence renewals too late

PLHs affected by the ten-year renewal deadline should undertake refresher training as soon as possible, writes Scottish Government minister Ash Denham
Angry customer

Better staff protection is required

FIRMS specialising in violence reduction and avoidance training are calling on operators to better equip their staff against aggressive and abusive customers.

Invest in staff to see success

As consumer knowledge improves training is absolutely vital.