Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins


Health report is unfair to boards

New publication is a ‘fundamental attack’ on the licensing system By Jack Cummins EARLIER this year, Edinburgh licensing board came under fire following decisions to grant...

Club licensing was ‘botched’

Bid to create system of greater supervision has fallen short

Stars align to stoke liquor rationing fire

Misunderstanding at the heart of alcohol ‘sales quota’ stories IT was a recipe for a perfect storm. Take a call for a more effective approach...

Know what your licence permits

Even small tweaks to a venue have to be in the operating plan

New proposals fail to cheer

Legal agents lament influence of health lobby on new consultation IT’S been two months since the Scottish Government stunned the trade with its latest proposals...
Scottish Government

Pricing won’t cure our alcohol issues

Minimum pricing will penalise everyone without solving the problems

Police should stick to remit on alcohol

Officers have adopted wider brief in recent years TRADITIONALLY, the police have always played a central role in a licensing system with a focus on...

The only way is up for minimum price

Architects of MUP will double down when they should fold

Family rules are a step backwards

The 2005 Act meant to encourage child-friendly venues. It didn’t “COMPLEX, uncertain, and at times almost unintelligible” – that was the Nicholson Committee’s unflattering view...

Alcohol arguments are a familiar story

Campaigns bear more than a passing resemblance to anti-tobacco tactics