Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Stronger policies better for boards

Stronger policies better for boards

Statistics alone aren’t enough to determine overprovision in an area SEVEN years ago West Dunbartonshire licensing board introduced an overprovision policy designed to ban new...

Advice needed on policy

Licensing boards could use some guidance from Holyrood, say lawyers FURTHER guidance from the Scottish Government on licensing policy would help create a fairer and...

Policy rethink is not needed

IT’S official: Alcohol Focus Scotland has acknowledged that Scotland’s licensed industry has been subject to a whole series of new licensing legislation over the...

There’s no sense to ad ban calls

Arguments to ban alcohol advertising are based on flawed logic A COUPLE of weeks ago a report by a ‘virtual expert group’ published by Alcohol...

Legal deluge fails to impress solicitors

THE owners of licensed premises have been forced to grapple with reams of new red tape in recent years as the Scottish Parliament has...

Lindsays’ lawyers up for awards

TWO solicitors from law firm Lindsays are in the running for prestigious awards. Licensing law veteran John Batters has been short-listed in the specialist lawyer...

Footy booze ban is going nowhere

A recent licence ruling isn’t likely to bring alcohol back to grounds Has Scottish football started a journey towards the return of alcohol to football...

Board looks to get tough on licences

Proposals in Dundee seek to reduce number of new premises.

Club licensing was ‘botched’

Bid to create system of greater supervision has fallen short

How to handle test purchase fall-out

Employers should establish the facts before considering any disciplinary action against an employee, writes employment lawyer Ben Doherty Test purchase operations are conducted in partnership between...

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