Legal | Scottish Licensed Trade News - Part 2

Scottish Licensed Trade News

Not all required to comply with MUP

Some sources of alcohol are beyond minimum unit pricing’s reach

Pricing won’t cure our alcohol issues

Minimum pricing will penalise everyone without solving the problems

‘Passive drinking’ is a step too far

Health lobby attempts to draw children into debate is just hysteria

Board looks to get tough on licences

Proposals in Dundee seek to reduce number of new premises.

Board rulings must be based on facts

Decisions founded on speculation will be open to challenge

Know the terms of your licence

Trouble can follow if a licensee moves beyond their operating plan.

Is MUP start of a slippery slope?

If measure crosses finish line, health campaigners won’t stop there By Jack Cummins THE Scottish Government’s long-running struggle to introduce minimum …

Stronger policies better for boards

Statistics alone aren’t enough to determine overprovision in an area SEVEN years ago West Dunbartonshire licensing board introduced an overprovision policy …

Look ahead by looking back

A 1979 case might give a glimpse into how ‘fit and proper’ will work THE return of the ‘fit and proper person’ to licensing law last month has …

Off-trade is not the only target

Health lobby is equally interested in curbing on-trade alcohol sales WHILE the Scottish licensed trade and licensing boards are being denied a review of the …