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Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Tenants’ dismay at pubco response

The UK Government last week disappointed pub tenants campaigning for sweeping reform of the pubco model. In its response to the latest report by the Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) committee, which has been carrying out a long-running enquiry into pubcos, the government ruled out removing the beer tie.

Goalposts to shift again on alcohol

IT was supposed to be a root and branch reform, making licensing law fit for the 21st century. Yet, the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, in...

No universal ban on free alcohol

Not all promotions are restricted by Scottish Government legislation AS operators devise their strategies to capture a share of the lucrative festive period market while...

End of the road for forecourt ‘ban’?

Latest consultation addressed issue of licensing shops at petrol garages MANY licensed premises attract motorists but the Scottish Government, backed by some licensing boards and...

Landmark ruling to impact on fees?

Judgement capable of ensuring charges cannot exceed costs IT’S not very often the bureaucrats in Brussels devise legislation that could actually ease the financial burdens...

Watchdog led us a merry dance – VC2

Stirling-based VC2 Brands has hit back at the Portman Group after the watchdog’s complaints panel forced it to rename its flagship product – despite giving it a clean bill of health for several years. VC2 has rebranded its Stiffy’s vodka liqueur as Stivy’s after the panel ruled that the product’s name was in breach of Portman’s code of practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks.
Jack Cummins

Delivery drama is nothing new

Latest controversy shines light on the murk of Scottish licensing “A FUNDAMENTAL game changer in licensing regulation terms” – that was the dramatic verdict of...
Scottish parliament

PLH history must not be repeated

Huge backlog of applications seen in 2009 must be avoided

Know the terms of your licence

Trouble can follow if a licensee moves beyond their operating plan.

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