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Several areas are outwith the scope of MUP, including online retailing.

Not all required to comply with MUP

Some sources of alcohol are beyond minimum unit pricing’s reach

New lets plan will take a toll

Licensing system will introduce significantly more hurdles

Sheriff warning over short-term sanctions

Immediate suspensions may lead to “denial of justice” THE last issue of SLTN reported that Asda had suffered a one-day licence suspension following the sale...
Scottish Government

Pricing won’t cure our alcohol issues

Minimum pricing will penalise everyone without solving the problems

Coronavirus: Hurdles ahead on trade’s path to reopening

The answers to these questions will play a pivotal role in the survival of thousands of hospitality businesses. When will the lockdown measures be eased? How can the trade viably adapt to social distancing challenges – and what are the regulatory obstacles?

Legal Q&A

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Battle over adult clubs on the way

Scottish Government’s proposals could face legal challenge SANDRA White has demonstrated really remarkable tenacity in her crusade against lap dancing clubs. For over ten years the...

Coronavirus: D-day for defaulters

The small minority of licensed outlets that defied the Scottish Government’s order to close could find themselves facing sanctions sooner than expected

Age policy presents further challenges

Operators are entitled to the same rights under the law as everyone else IF some of the many changes made to licensing law over the...

Health research beggars belief

Study being used as platform for campaign against licensed premises Fancy accepting an invitation to take part in a research experiment? It simply involves offering to...