Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Advice and opinions from one of Scotland’s leading licensing lawyers, Jack Cummins

Board looks to get tough on licences

Proposals in Dundee seek to reduce number of new premises.

No clear end to forecourt debate

Recent judgement on garage licensing was welcome but it may not be the last word IT’S all about just a handful of words A few expressions...

Trade is entitled to a fair hearing

Is it right for boards to consider pending charges before guilt is established? IN the last issue of SLTN solicitor Stephen McGowan deconstructed the suggestion...

Landmark ruling to impact on fees?

Judgement capable of ensuring charges cannot exceed costs IT’S not very often the bureaucrats in Brussels devise legislation that could actually ease the financial burdens...

Trade deserves seat at the table

Licensing group needs representatives from all sides By Jack Cummins “HEALTH specialists angered at being left off licensing hours review” – it’s the sort of newspaper...

Why we need a minimum price

THE case for minimum pricing was set out by Scotland’s top civil servant on alcohol before a major licensing conference in Glasgow last week. Addressing...
• Operators should act quickly where legal issues are developing.

Don’t hesitate to tackle trouble

Recent case is a warning against ‘tardy’ action on legal problems By Jack Cummins From Glasgow Sheriff Court a salutary warning as to the dire consequences...

Health research beggars belief

Study being used as platform for campaign against licensed premises Fancy accepting an invitation to take part in a research experiment? It simply involves offering to...

Elements of Bill a cause for concern

Fit and proper test could be operated with ‘worrying elasticity’ By Jack Cummins WE might have been expecting some sort of tidy up exercise: in the...

‘Passive drinking’ is a step too far

Health lobby attempts to draw children into debate is just hysteria