Saturday, April 20, 2019

Design & refurbishment

News articles relating to venue design & refurbishment

Don’t neglect your venue’s appearance

A strong interior design can help establish atmosphere and set an outlet apart

Look down on creation

When your restaurant commands dramatic views of the Scottish capital, it makes sense to make the city skyline into a design feature

A house that’s fit for royalty

Multi-million pound refurbishment has transformed historic hotel

Spicing things up

A recent refurbishment in Edinburgh was designed to achieve the twin goals of a welcoming environment that also increased dining space

History comes to life in city centre

A near-forgotten chapter of Glasgow history provided the inspiration for a bar and restaurant refurbishment in the city’s centre

Find the right light

ESTABLISHING just the right ambience in an outlet depends on a wide range of factors – and the importance of lighting cannot be overstated.

Design must lay good foundations

Style, safety and durability key considerations when it comes to flooring.
A bar interior with stools and seating

Are you sitting comfortably?

The right furniture is crucial to an appealing interior design
McGinty’s Meal An’ Ale, which opened earlier this year, worked with Nicoll Russell Studios.

Time is on your side for a refresh

Small changes can make a big difference, firms say

Plotting the right refurbishment

A measured approach must be taken to ensure an outlet redesign pays off, firms say CUSTOMERS continue to expect ever more from the on-trade, be...
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