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Monday, November 29, 2021

New contenders taking a shot at sales

Of all the categories covered in this year’s Top Brands list, liqueurs and speciality drinks is the one that shows the most activity

Rum navigating stormier seas

Big names still dominate sales as tastes move to the dark side

More drinkers say yes to low and no

Lifestyle choices and tougher drink driving limits have led to consumers reducing their alcohol intake and made low and no-alcohol beers a must for every bar

Striking a balance between flavours

Favourite variants fighting off challenges from dark contenders

It’s one giant leap for juniper in bars

Flavoured and Scottish gins continue to grow in the country’s pubs and bars

An essential spirit for pubs

Although the top three biggest vodka brands in the on-trade stayed the same this year, there has been plenty of movement just below the surface in terms of what consumers are looking for

Must Stock 2020: The products on everyone’s lips

A look at some of the categories making waves in venues across Scotland

There’s a whisky for every taste

Bars should offer customers a variety of drams and serves, say firms

The trade’s most popular drink

With sales of more than £722 million, according to CGA’s figures, lager remains by some way the most popular drink in Scottish venues

Thirst for wine is not yet satisfied

Champagne and Prosecco continue to deliver sparkling sales in Scottish bars