Saturday, January 16, 2021

Recipe: Mussel Brose by Shirley Spear, The Three Chimneys, Colbost, Isle of Skye

Shirley Spear shares the recipe for her Mussel Brose, which is based on a traditional Scottish dish, but with a modern twist

Recipe: Chorizo and sweet potato hash, Grant Avery, Avery & Co, Dundee

“This chorizo hash is delicious, spicy and hearty; it’s the perfect dish to start any day. Using a good quality chorizo is the key to making it taste amazing.” Grant Avery, Avery & Co, Dundee

Recipe: Ferrero Rocher-inspired dessert, Brian Grigor, Number One, The Balmoral, Edinburgh

“This Ferrero Rocher-inspired dessert is an indulgent treat. There’s something nostalgic about this instantly-recognisable after dinner chocolate that many of our guests love.”
Avocado, passion fruit and mango cheesecake

Recipe: Avocado, passion fruit and mango cheesecake, Grant Gordon, La P’tite Folie and Le...

“This is definitely one of my favourite desserts to make and enjoy with family and friends, especially at this time of the year. It is so fresh and light, an attractive looking dessert, and it is unusual too with the avocado flavour. It is also very easy to make!”
Chilli burger

Recipe: Chilli burger, Mark Teed, Head of Food, Star Pubs & Bars

“A great entry-level burger, which is accessible for everyone, is the staple of a pub menu."
A Grand Cafe steak

Recipe: Chimichurri sauce, Chris Niven, Grand Café at The Scotsman

"A great modern alternative to traditional heavier cream and butter-based steak sauces.”

Recipe: Cullen Skink, Craig Hogarth, Executive chef, Scotts brand, Buzzworks

Craig Hogarth shares his recipe for this Scottish classic

Recipe: Goan monkfish curry, Shabu Natarajan, head chef, KoolBa, Glasgow

"The fish in this curry comes from the Shetland Isles and we blend it with Indian spices to produce a mouth-watering dish that’s full of flavour.”

Recipe: Partridge roulade stuffed with a pear, tangerine and thyme mousse, Andrew Beattie, Braehead...

"The partridge season runs from September 1 through to February 1 and partridge offers a great introduction to game for the novice" .
Salmon graradlax

Recipe: Home-cured Salmon Gravadlax by Craig Somers, The Silver Darling, Aberdeen

Dining with a view comes as standard at The Silver Darling, as does our passion for fresh, seasonal produce.