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Tuesday, January 25, 2022


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Sparkling producer strikes wine gold

THE firm behind French sparkling wine brand Luc Belaire has launched a new limited edition bottle complete with a “glowing” gold label. Luc Belaire Brut...

It’s time to be bold by the glass

Quality over quantity and an adventurous by the glass selection – those should be among the top considerations when it comes to a wine offer for the weeks ahead

Cold business logic unites wine merchants

Prospect of combining two independent Scottish merchants swung Inverarity deal for Wm Morton HAMISH Martin places a lot of store in his gut instincts. It’s...

Take a different route this year

Stocking unusual wines could pay off in coming months Stocking a range of unusual, lesser-known wines could pay off for licensees this summer, according to...

Wine follows natural course

Is technological intervention in wine-making a good thing? The jury’s still out, as Guy Chatfield explains IF I said to you that modern winemaking involved...

Pour steady summer sales

Demand for unusual varietals high, firms say AFTER a promising start, it seems we could be in for a classic Scottish summer washout. However, the recent...

Merchant to launch new wine school

WINE Importers is planning to open a wine training school at its Livingston HQ. The news coincides with the appointment of Malcolm Ogilvie as the...
Ikebana Novello of the Abruzzo region.

Good things come in threes

WINE importer Continental Wine & Food (CWF) has introduced three new season wines which it says are ideally suited to “kick off” the pre-Christmas period.

Why not dare to be different this summer?

ROSE, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. To suggest these wine styles will be a hit with drinkers this summer is perhaps as obvious as...
Festive wine

The perfect time to embrace the vine

Special attention should be given to wine ranges in the coming weeks

SLTN Awards 2021 competition