Monday, July 13, 2020
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Summer drinks

Summer drinks related news articles


Brewing up a new look

McEwan’s Lager is sporting a new look this summer as part of a wider brand refresh

Pink gin takes in the flavours of fruit cider

Kopparberg has expanded its new gin range, which is inspired by its fruit ciders, with a limited edition variant this summer

Plan for the unexpected

Make sure you are ready for those rare sunny days .

A buzz around new Old Tom

Orcadian honey and Scottish raspberries used in gin .

Floral, French and fruity

The botanicals of the June flower and the flavour of wild peaches have been blended together with grape-distillate gin, G’Vine, to produce a fruity liqueur .

Scottish gin down to a tea

What's claimed to be the first gin distilled with Scottish-grown tea leaves is set to be released by Aberdeenshire-based The Teasmith Spirits Company .

Behind bars: Summer serves

Two bartenders mix up their favourite cocktail for the summer ahead

Going in for the skill this summer

Consumers set to seek out bars with an informed approach to mixology

Time to show off a Wild Spirit

Talisker tasks bartenders with summer cocktail challenge

New method for old serve

What's being described as the world’s first Old Fashioned vending machine has been created by Whyte & Mackay