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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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tiki cocktail

A varied and valuable spirit

Rum’s diverse array of flavours can be put to good use in bars
don papa rum

Making rum for orange

The oranges of Seville take centre stage in the newest expression of Don Papa Rum.
Union lemon and leaf rum

A union of botanicals

What's claimed to be the world’s first botanical white rum has been launched by The Spirited Union Distillery, in Amsterdam.

Bring the spirit of education to bars

Operators can create new converts by reintroducing rum to customers, say drinks firms

Chasing a Legacy

An Edinburgh bartender will compete against rivals from across the UK for the chance to be named national champion in one of the world’s biggest cocktail competitions

A Satanic Scots spirit

Deeside Distillery, in the north east of Scotland, has created what is said to be the UK’s first single cask, cask-strength rum

Broadening rum’s horizons

Glasgow-based rum producer launches distillery tours
The new distillery will facilitate the brand’s expansion

Rum distilling returns to Glasgow

A new rum distillery which is said to be the first in Glasgow in over 300 years opened in the city this month
David Gates will oversee Brewdog’s distilling arm, Lonewolf

New wolf joins brewer’s pack

Brewdog hires Diageo veteran to oversee spirits expansion

Rum-thing in Lothian

Company relocates to open distillery in Livingston