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Pubs and bars paint a sobering picture

The pursuit of better health is driving low and no drinks sales, operators say

A vine addition

Diageo Reserve has added a vermouth to its drinks portfolio for the first time

Gin giant goes low

Low-alcohol, low-calorie pre-mixed Gordon’s and tonic drinks have been launched in the on-trade by Diageo

Moderate your range in order to grow

Pubs and bars should stock low and no-ABV products to boost sales

Sales in a nutshell

Snacks should be paired with drinks popular with female customers

A sparkling alternative

Blended with natural fruit extracts, the range has two flavour variants – Hint of Grapefruit and Hint of Lime
New infused sodas

Fizzing up sales

New soda range aimed at no-alcohol market launched by Franklin & Sons

Low & no in rude health

Ignore category at your own peril, say drinks firms
Range of cocktails

Sales of low and no are on the up

Attention should be paid to lower ABV drinks
Summer drinks

New brand is Fitt as a fiddle

DRINKS dispense specialist Brewfitt has launched a non-alcoholic drinks range

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