Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Keeping it all Cosmopolitan

Distributor’s latest launch reflects on-trade growth in low and no .
Summer drinks

New brand is Fitt as a fiddle

DRINKS dispense specialist Brewfitt has launched a non-alcoholic drinks range

The low alcohol glass is half full

Category offers huge potential for licensees, firms say Stocking low and no-alcohol wines and beers is a ‘must’ for Scottish outlets as demand continues to...

Low & no in rude health

Ignore category at your own peril, say drinks firms

Low-alcohol but a high priority

Rising demand means that attention should be paid to lighter options .

Low-ABV but high demand

As more take the low road, pubs and bars must offer options .
• Ducks mixologist Alan Walker has mixed up a range of alcohol-free cocktails for the rural venue.

Mocktails proving popular in Aberlady

A NEW range of ‘mocktails’ is said to be a hit with customers at East Lothian bar, restaurant and hotel Ducks. The range currently...
Range of cocktails

Sales of low and no are on the up

Attention should be paid to lower ABV drinks

Gin giant goes low

Low-alcohol, low-calorie pre-mixed Gordon’s and tonic drinks have been launched in the on-trade by Diageo

Crisp taste of freedom

The owner of Italian beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro has launched a new non-alcoholic variant of the premium lager .

Sky Win a TV ad for your pub