Free and clear

The low and no-alcohol market is squarely in the sights of Japanese drinks company Asahi this year after the launch of a 0% ABV version of its Peroni brand .

If Carlsberg did alcohol-free lager…

CARLSBERG UK has launched a new 0% ABV beer amid what the brewer described as a “boom” in the alcohol-free beer category. Available to...
Genius Brewing advert

See the light with a new low-alcohol craft lager

GENIUS Brewing is targeting the growing number of people looking to watch both their calorie and alcohol intake in 2019 with its 3% ABV Craft Lager
A Mocktail

Make the most of low and no

A robust alcohol-free range is now vital, say drinks firms
Skinny Brands is aiming to boost awareness of its low-calorie lager in licensed outlets

Low-cal lager eyeing growth

Skinny Brands aims to help licensees capitalise on health kicks

Turning up focus on low-alcohol

THE thirst for low and no-alcohol drinks in pubs and restaurants doesn’t look like being quenched any time soon

The ‘low and no’ generation

THE so-called Generation Sensible is said to be leading the “explosion” in popularity of low-alcohol alternatives, according to new research .
Range of cocktails

Sales of low and no are on the up

Attention should be paid to lower ABV drinks

Low-ABV but high demand

As more take the low road, pubs and bars must offer options .
New infused sodas

Fizzing up sales

New soda range aimed at no-alcohol market launched by Franklin & Sons

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