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Raising a glass to healthy drinks sales

Licensees can capitalise on demand for drinks with lower ABV and fewer calories

A natural next step

William Grant & Sons launches 0.5% ABV spirit .
A Mocktail

Make the most of low and no

A robust alcohol-free range is now vital, say drinks firms

A vine addition

Diageo Reserve has added a vermouth to its drinks portfolio for the first time

Free and clear

The low and no-alcohol market is squarely in the sights of Japanese drinks company Asahi this year after the launch of a 0% ABV version of its Peroni brand .

Turning up focus on low-alcohol

THE thirst for low and no-alcohol drinks in pubs and restaurants doesn’t look like being quenched any time soon
Genius Brewing advert

See the light with a new low-alcohol craft lager

GENIUS Brewing is targeting the growing number of people looking to watch both their calorie and alcohol intake in 2019 with its 3% ABV Craft Lager

Understanding the key to beer

Each style of beer has its fans, and they all act differently
Range of cocktails

Sales of low and no are on the up

Attention should be paid to lower ABV drinks
Skinny Brands is aiming to boost awareness of its low-calorie lager in licensed outlets

Low-cal lager eyeing growth

Skinny Brands aims to help licensees capitalise on health kicks

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