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Saturday, October 23, 2021
mocktail in glass

A category that deserves respect

There could be scope for Scottish venues to grow their sales of low and no-alcohol products in the coming months – but only if they take the category seriously
wine and beer on bar

Growing demand for lower alcohol

Christmas and January could be popular times for ‘low and no’ products
Sonja Mitchell Jump Ship Brewing

Alcohol-free brewery is ready to set sail

An east coast entrepreneur is looking to increase production capacity at what she claims is Scotland’s first dedicated alcohol-free brewery.
Stryyk menu

A fresh take on ‘low and no’ drinks lists

Alcohol-free drinks producer is looking to encourage a menu rethink
Nine Elms no alcohol drinks

Trio of zero-ABV drinks hits the UK market

Licensees looking to stock up on low or no-alcohol products have more to choose from after a trio of recent launches.
people drinking

A trend that the trade can’t ignore

Consumers choosing to moderate their drinking expect a good offer
Highball drinks

High times for new ready to drink range

A drinks company has developed what it claims is the UK’s first range of ready-to-drink, 0% ABV cocktails.

Understanding the key to beer

Each style of beer has its fans, and they all act differently

Low-alcohol but a high priority

Rising demand means that attention should be paid to lighter options .

Free and clear

The low and no-alcohol market is squarely in the sights of Japanese drinks company Asahi this year after the launch of a 0% ABV version of its Peroni brand .
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