Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The only way is up for juniper lovers

The thirst for premium expressions shows no sign of abating in 2019, say drinks firms

Mexican spirits’ shot at bar glory

Agave spirits are making big strides in Scottish venues, say firms
gin 71

Gin bar pioneer has winning spirit

SLTN Award-winning Gin71 has versatility at its core. Jack Walsh reports
gin bottle

Roses are pink with new gin

The team behind The Old Curiosity Distillery in Edinburgh is showing its romantic side with the release of a colour-changing rose gin ahead of Valentine’s Day
Released in 2017, Arkh-Angell Storm Strength Orkney Gin has earned critical acclaim

A golden year for Orkney gin maker

Distiller scoops gold at World Gin Awards for Navy Strength spirit
The new William Kerr’s Borders Gin

Spirit tribute to botanist

A celebrated botanist from Hawick has provided the inspiration for The Borders Distillery’s first gin
Licensees have been urged to take advantage of the trends for pink, flavoured and local gins

A colourful future ahead for category

As flavoured gins grow, operators should consider updating their offers to reflect trends
Alistair (left) and Thomas Wilson founded Isle of Skye Distillers in 2016

Behind the scenes: Distillery tours

Distillery tours can educate and inspire staff – and boost sales
gin drinks

Sparkling serves required in bars

A great choice of complementary tonics and mixers can invigorate gin sales
Old Curiosity’s new gin changes colour

A colourful festive spirit

A colour-changing gin has been launched by the Old Curiosity Distillery in time for the festive season
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