Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Gin isn’t just popular in specialist bars, it’s booming in traditional pubs

The changing face of community spirit 

Pubs can cash in on spirit’s provenance

Demand for locally-produced gins sees sales in Scotland exceed rest of UK
Hendrick's cocktail

Spirit set to lift crown in 2020

Premium and flavoured variants behind category’s boom
Edinburgh Gin Bramble & Honey

A range sweetener

Edinburgh Gin’s full-strength flavoured range branches into bramble and honey
Red Door Highland Gin

Merry time for a Christmas gin

Warm citrus and Christmas cake are amongst the flavours found in the new limited edition bottling from Red Door Highland Gin.
Peebles Hydro Gin

Hotel gin is a real tonic

Peebles Hydro team in good spirits as new distillery and gin school launches
Darnley's gin

Smoke on the spirit

Fife gin maker experiments to deliver a new ‘unusual’ expression

Foretelling the future of gin

SLTN asks Scottish spirits producers: what’s next for the category?
Ifan Jenkins

A trend-setting bar scene

The on-trade in Scotland is leading the way when it comes to drinks trends in the UK, with the trends towards both gin and malt whisky said to be growing ahead of the rest of Great Britain.
Fifty50 Bottles

Something old and new

What's claimed to be the oldest gin in the world has been created by Renfrew whisky specialist House of MacDuff, and is being distributed to the on-trade by Huffman’s.