Cocktail related news articles

King of cocktails: the classic Martini

With mixology in vogue, the traditional serve has a lot to offer bars

It’s all in the name, spirits firm says

Promoting refreshing drinks can pay dividends this summer THE way in which operators describe summer serves could hold the key to unlocking cocktail sales in...

New method for old serve

What's being described as the world’s first Old Fashioned vending machine has been created by Whyte & Mackay
Lachlan Rooney

Bartender is wise beyond his years

Lachlan Rooney talks to Jonathan Watt about his already impressive bar career

Behind bars: summer drinks

Summer drinks with Keri Mulholland, Metropolitan, Glasgow and Sarah Berardi, Draffens, Dundee

Liqueurs playing the long game

PROMOTING long drinks and cocktails is key to boosting sales of liqueurs in bars. That’s the message from producers and distributors, who told SLTN operators...

Time to show off a Wild Spirit

Talisker tasks bartenders with summer cocktail challenge

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