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Cocktail related news articles

Valentine’s question time: Nick Gordon, Orchid

We chat to Nick Gordon of Aberdeen cocktail bar Orchid, SLTN’s 2017 Cocktail Bar of the Year
Summer cocktails

Set the bar with summer serves

A quality cocktail proposal can make for a sizzling season of sales

Take some comfort from campaign

A SIGNATURE long serve is the subject of a new advertising campaign for Southern Comfort. The latest stage of the brand’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ campaign is...

Behind bars: Summer serves

Two bartenders mix up their favourite cocktail for the summer ahead

Firm draughts in new format

Cocktails on tap save time and cut wastage, says Funkin.

King of cocktails: the classic Martini

With mixology in vogue, the traditional serve has a lot to offer bars

Time to shake up the menu

Summer in Scotland may be as reliable as a roulette wheel, but when the sun does shine on beer gardens it’s up to publicans to...

A courier of cold cocktails

Kilmurry & Co on Kilmarnock Road in Shawlands has started delivering cocktail coolers, which have been created with warmer weather in mind

Don’t forget the soft side

Mixers remain a crucial component of a good cocktail

Behind bars: summer drinks

Summer drinks with Keri Mulholland, Metropolitan, Glasgow and Sarah Berardi, Draffens, Dundee

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