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Behind bars: summer drinks

Summer drinks with Keri Mulholland, Metropolitan, Glasgow and Sarah Berardi, Draffens, Dundee

The original old cocktail reigns

Bars can exploit the thirst for Old Fashioneds with new creative twists
Summer cocktails

Set the bar with summer serves

A quality cocktail proposal can make for a sizzling season of sales

King of cocktails: the classic Martini

With mixology in vogue, the traditional serve has a lot to offer bars
The Tree House

Charity added into the mix

GOODWILL has been mixed into a cocktail at a bar and restaurant in Ayr the launch of a new drink that will help raise funds for the Ayrshire Hospice
Colonsay gin

Summer serve creates a buzz

THE husband and wife team behind Colonsay Gin are celebrating the summer with a “citrusy and herbal” cocktail  – Colonsay Bees Knees
Frozen cocktail

A cooler cocktail

New concentrated frozen mix launched

City’s mixology is top trumps again

Capital bartender makes tequila great again with cocktail win
WKD Cocktailcans

Canny attempt at stress-free mixing

Firm mixes things up with launch of new canned cocktails range
Frozen cocktail

Staying cool with a frozen cocktail mix

A NEW concentrated mix for frozen cocktails could help licensees keep their customers cool this summer