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Island brewer in mainland move

Isle of Skye expands with acquisition of Black Wolf Brewery
The new Brooklyn Special Effects is being launched in the UK this month

An especially low-ABV lager

A “hoppy beer with a piney aroma and bitter finish” is what to expect when the 0.4% ABV Brooklyn Special Effects is launched in the UK this month
craft beers

One size does not fit all in craft

Operators should tailor their range to their customers
interior shots

Carving out a craft niche in the trade

Award-winning city brewpub has innovation at its heart. Jack Walsh reports
Cosmic Crush Raspberry is a 5.8% ABV sour beer

Wild and sour brews unleashed

Cosmic Crush Raspberry is a 5.8% ABV sour beer
can of beer

Can-do approach to mental health

Two brothers have teamed up with Aberdeen-based craft brewer Fierce Beer to create a new brew – Fitlikey – in a bid to raise funds for local mental health services

A gateway to new beers

DIAGEO is aiming to make craft and world beer more accessible with the launch of two new beers under its Guinness brand.
The beer is said to pair well with food.

Nordic brew set for on-trade debut

A DANISH craft brewery has launched its first beer in the UK, designed with back-bar fridges and food pairing in mind
Jenn Merrick

A collaborative brew

MORE than 20 female brewers have joined forces to brew a limited edition beer to celebrate the craft and creativity of past, present and future female brewers
Jaega Wise, SIBA south east elected director

Marketing must be in good taste

THE Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) is pressing ahead with plans to tackle sexist, offensive and discriminatory marketing within the beer industry