Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Pint on tabletop

Customers could have a cool head

This year’s lockdown period is likely to have had an impact on the beers and ciders customers will purchase this autumn – with a freshly-poured pint once again seen as a treat
Innis & Gunn Brewery

Brewery plan in the picture

Beer Money crowdfunding scheme aims to raise £3m
Thiery Henry with UEFA trophies

Extra time for football sponsorship

As international sides battle to qualify for the UEFA summer showpiece, Heineken has been unveiled as the official beer partner of Euro 2020
Drygate Cold Years

Music in the cans

Music and beer have converged for the latest release from Drygate Brewing Co.

Crafting a Fierce selection of beers

Catering to all tastes is at the heart of brewer’s capital bar

Capitalise on craft beer

The right line-up can offer something for everyone

Going back to where it all began

Innis & Gunn turns its focus to the beer which kickstarted the brewer’s brand

Hallowed be thy beer

Inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Iron Maiden’s Eddie dons a traditional Dia de los Muertos appearance on Trooper’s label throughout October and November

New beer blooms from eco-conscious brewer

Craft brewer Drygate has launched what’s said to be Europe’s first ‘reforestation’ beer

Brewer doesn’t hawd its Wheesht

Veteren Scottish brewery Harviestoun has launched what is said to be Scotland’s first alcohol-free dark ale