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Thursday, September 23, 2021
Beer cellar pic

Ensure the cellar is kept in good health

The more things change, the more they stay the same, so the expression goes

Don’t forget about the ‘engine room’

A thorough maintenance routine is key to perfect pints, firms say ALTHOUGH there’s a wide range of factors that can influence customers’ decisions on which...
Operators should consider reviewing the layout of their back-bar at regular intervals.

An organised bar area makes for an easy life

Giving some thought to layout and efficiency can help decrease waiting times and increase profits, say experts CUSTOMERS don’t like to be kept waiting for...

Perfection doesn’t have to be costly

Efficiency in the cellar can impact on the bottom line, writes Steve Lakin of Innserve The bottom line in any business is vital for success, and...

Keep sales pouring with good practice

A comprehensive approach to cellar management is an absolute must

Don’t risk poor pints

A well maintained cellar is the key to good beer WITH customers seemingly more open-minded to trying new beers than ever before, many pubs and...

Temperature key to beer

Keep an eye on the thermometer to keep customers happy, says Innserve CONSISTENT temperature control is a necessity for a pub to serve excellent drinks...

Outlets responding to the quality challenge

Technology is helping operators deliver more consistent pints, but there is still room for improvement AS consumers continue to monitor their spending, it has arguably...
pint pouring

Robust routine is route to quality

Getting it right in the cellar is a big step towards getting it right in the glass

Pubs need to have solid foundations

A well-managed cellar underpins any good bar and ensures a great pint .