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Thursday, December 2, 2021
Beer cellar pic

Ensure the cellar is kept in good health

The more things change, the more they stay the same, so the expression goes
Jeff Singer

Clean lines keep them coming back

Operators and staff are taught many things about looking after beer, but can sometimes cut corners when it comes to cellar management and cleaning, writes Jeff Singer, commercial manager of beer line cleaning firm Beer Piper.
pouring a pint

The cellar is ‘the hub of the pub’

Operators mustn’t overlook one of the most crucial aspects of their operation
bad pints

Cooler heads will prevail

Prevent poor pints with the perfect temperature
three men holding pints of lager

Quality is key to pouring profits

Perfect pints are more important than ever before, specialists say
pint pouring

Robust routine is route to quality

Getting it right in the cellar is a big step towards getting it right in the glass
pouring beer

Time to pour perfect pints

Bars should be on point with the basics of beer quality

A good beer offer begins in the cellar

Bad pints will not be accepted in bars so cellars need to give pubs the best start

A quality programme

First launched in May, the TLC programme has to date seen more than 40 people visit Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow to brush up on everything from cellar management to glass care .

Pubs need to have solid foundations

A well-managed cellar underpins any good bar and ensures a great pint .