Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Trade braced for football stadia fallout

THE debate surrounding the availability of alcohol in football stadia was back in the spotlight last week. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy kicked off the...

Time to act as lower limit takes its toll

“VITAL to the Scottish economy”, “one of our biggest employers” – the praise for our tourism industry just kept on coming from deputy first...

Trade initiatives giving youth a chance

By Gillian McKenzie YOUNG people have long played an important role in the workforce of Scotland’s licensed trade. But while working in a bar or restaurant...

Tourism industry’s cup runneth over already

THE draw of major events and the resulting benefits for Scotland’s hospitality industry and licensed trade were underlined again last week with the news...

Ceasefire is needed in barrage of regulations

A fresh barrage of regulation for the hospitality industry is looming on the horizon – and much of it is expected to come into force in the first few months of 2021

Chance to surrender brought some reprieve

By Gillian McKenzie IT offered a faint glimmer of hope to a few in what was a pretty grim situation. Some licensing boards, including Dundee, Edinburgh...

It’s good to talk

THE war of words that broke out last week between the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents and the convener of Glasgow licensing board served...

Change is not always for the best

By Gillian McKenzie A CHANGE is as good as a rest, or so the adage goes. But for many Scottish operators, this year has brought perhaps...

Beleaguered trade needs government support

The trade continues to be hammered from all angles – from the quite frankly ridiculous business rates system and ongoing uncertainty over Brexit to workplace pensions and spiralling costs.

Beer’s cup runneth over

By Gillian McKenzie FROM new brands and flavoured beers to the expansion of production facilities, the beer category has been a hive of activity in...