Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Government must deliver for the trade

On paper, there’s a lot to like in the first minister’s programme for government .

Did indyref hurt Scotland’s appeal?

Country must continue to attract the international talent pool businesses require, writes recruitment specialist Louise Gibson THERE was a perceptible air of angst and anticipation...

GDPR uncertainty remains a year on

Hospitality businesses can take opportunity to build more effective marketing databases, writes software developer Patrick Clover .

Beleaguered trade needs government support

The trade continues to be hammered from all angles – from the quite frankly ridiculous business rates system and ongoing uncertainty over Brexit to workplace pensions and spiralling costs.

Ensure that you are compliant on data

GDPR became law in the UK earlier this year and there are several connotations for the trade, writes lawyer Stephen Connolly
Iain Gulland, Zero Waste Scotland

Prepare for second round of food rules

From 2016 regulations kick in for venues producing 5kg of food waste. Ensure you’re ready, writes Iain Gulland of Zero Waste Scotland LAST January we...

Licence lessons must be learned

I DON’T want to tempt fate but, at the moment, it seems as if history could be on course to repeat itself.

Stage almost set for the trade night of the year

In just three weeks’ time, we will celebrate the brightest stars in the Scottish trade

Scrapping of excessive PLH ‘ban’ is good news

Comment by Gillian McKenzie ‘Carnage’, ‘meltdown’, ‘timebomb’ – just some of the words used as the inaugural deadlines for personal licence holder refresher training approached...

SLTN ready to reveal this year’s trade stars

Seven months after we launched our annual search for the best in the business, we’re just seven days away from revealing the winners of this year’s SLTN Awards.