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Let’s hope consumers vote for the trade

IT’S finally here. Two years after the Edinburgh Agreement was signed, paving the way for a referendum on Scottish independence, today is polling day.

Huge career opportunity is there for the taking

Comment by Gillian McKenzie IT will come as no surprise that business rates has dominated almost every conversation I’ve had with operators since the start...

Minimum price debate rumbles on

SO minimum pricing has passed another hurdle. A legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s plans to implement a 50p minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol...

Trade needs Brexit clarity as a matter of urgency

With Scotland’s hospitality sector said to employ around 27,000 EU workers, much greater detail of the long-term situation is needed

Rates reprieve is welcome but it’s reform that is required

Comment by Gillian McKenzie THE sighs of relief across the Scottish trade were virtually audible. Finance minister Derek Mackay’s announcement – less than six weeks before...

Trade must ensure voice is heard in rates review

Comment by Gillian McKenzie BUSINESS rates have been suffocating the Scottish on-trade for far too long. The way in which they are calculated – with pubs’...

Training timebomb is still ticking

IT has all the makings of a perfect storm... another one. Now that the inaugural refresher training deadlines for the first ‘batch’ of personal licence...

PLH renewal must be new year priority

Like most years before it, 2018 has brought its fair share of challenges for the trade

Trade needs a steady ship

Comment By Gillian McKenzie A WEEK is a long time in politics – words uttered by prime minister Harold Wilson in the mid-1960s and words ...

New limit driving pubs to the edge

By Gillian McKenzie IT had been in place for a little over a week but it was already making its mark on the trade. Operators I...

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